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Listen to Michael Heath’s Interview with Stewart Andrew Alexander on Let’s Talk Divorce!

Michael Heath was invited to speak with Stewart Andrew Alexander on the popular radio segment of Let’s Talk Divorce in April of 2017. The topics discussed in this interview are still relevant today. Please listen to the audio below.


Listen to “MICHAEL HEATH – The Courtless Divorce NJ” on Spreaker.

In the interview, Michael Heath discusses the alternatives to divorce litigation, including:

  • Mediation
  • Collaborative Law
  • Arbitration

The discussion focused on the mission of which is to make the public aware of the option to divorce without using litigation attorneys. Litigation is an adversarial process that can cost the couple much, both emotionally and financially. In the “Let’s Talk Divorce” conversation, Heath gives examples of divorcing couples who stayed out of court using other methods to end their marriage that made much more sense.


The interview is also on the Impact Makers Radio YouTube channel!

Michael Heath the author of The Courtless Divorce book. Buy the book to learn more about the alternatives to divorce litigation.

More about Let’s Talk Divorce!

Stewart Andrew Alexander is the interviewer on “Let’s Talk Divorce!” Alexander is a business consultant, author, and talk show host. His book Credibility Breakthroughs was an Amazon best-seller. For more on Alexander, go to Impact Makers Radio on : and

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