Don’t Lose Heart on Valentine’s Day

Second Thoughts on Second Chances
December 9, 2021
January 28, 2022

Many Divorced People Dread the Day That Celebrates Romance

by Michael Heath

Valentine’s Day may be a wonderful day for some people, and a bane for others. Divorced people can feel an uneasiness as February 14th approaches. With some planning, the day of roses, chocolates and dining out can be less painful and maybe even a little fun.

A Little Strategy Can Go a Long Way

Ignoring the upcoming day symbolized by Cupid may backfire on one’s emotions. Allowing it to sneak up on unprepared can leave some people feeling sad, lonely, and left out. Thinking ahead to the holiday keeps us from feeling suddenly blindsided. Planning how to spend the day will lessen the anxiety and even make for an enjoyable time. Here are some suggestions:

  • Do something special for yourself to distract from what everyone else may be doing
  • Get involved in your kid’s Valentine celebration. Help with classroom cards and little candy bags
  • Take a hiatus from Facebook and other social media that will be replete with other people’s Valentine’s Day activities and gift giving
  • Some bars and clubs offer anti-Valentine’s Day events focused on single people. Consider going out and being with people in a similar situation
  • Move around. Go to the gym, take a long walk, or simply stroll while connecting with nature. It will help you feel better
  • Be someone’s Valentine! Send flowers or candy to an old friend or relative. Mail a card to Grandpa or an elderly aunt. You could really brighten someone’s day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to express one’s love for another person. It can even be a bright spot during the winter doldrums. Some divorced people can begin to believe the whole world is having a grand time while they feel miserable. The truth is that for everyone who is making a big deal of the holiday, someone one else is simply going through the motions. Many see February 14th as a boorish display of commercialism. Like most things, it’s what you make of it. Head into the day prepared. Have a plan. Most of all, focus on loving yourself. You deserve it.



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