My stomach churned with anxiety every time my lawyer called or sent me a letter as I knew it was just more billable hours. Between my ex-husband and me we spent over $ 34, 000 in legal fees when we litigated our divorce. That was hard-earned money that could have gone toward the kid’s college tuition. If only we had read Michael Heath’s book before going down the ugly litigation path.

E.M. Bar Harbor, ME

My ex-wife and I used a mediator found on The Courtless Divorce directory and know we saved a ton of money by staying out of divorce court. It was also very important to both of us to have a direct say in how the break-up was conducted. We remain friends to this day and even get together with the kids during family events.

P.W. Scottsdale, AZ

The Courtless Divorce was the best $ 12 I ever spent. I had never even heard of Collaborative Law before reading the book. Now that I know what it is I expect that will be the way we will go when we decide to bring our marriage to an end.

C.M. Omaha, NE

I ordered The Courtless Divorce and found it to be both informative and easy to understand. My husband read it after me and now we are speaking with a mediator.

L.M. Oradell, NJ