Rule #2

Divorce is very common and children are capable of overcoming a lot, but it can still have some very devastating effects. I recommend that parents go to our website and download the My Children’s List which contains some simple rules that they should follow. My Children’s List can be downloaded from the homepage. Below is an example with a short narrative.

Don’t give long-winded explanations about the divorce that may be confusing to kids

Divorce is stressful which can cause some people to let out their frustrations when explaining the break-up. Do not give a run-on statement to your children about everything that went wrong with the marriage. Too much information can raise more questions than it answers. And be age appropriate with any response, younger children certainly require less details. Try to get together with your spouse as to why you are divorcing, and stay on script. Your children will be hurting over the break-up of the family, so talk to them with kindness and understanding.