Let a Divorce Coach Be Your Guiding Light

Ending a marriage is a life-changing event that too many people go forward with while having little idea of what they are doing. That allows for mistakes to be made and a process that takes longer and costs more than it should. Then there are others who do not take the needed step out of their marital misery because of the overwhelming fear of the unknown. Most anyone considering an end to their marriage should know what a divorce coach can offer.

Everyone knows the old saying: “A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous.” And well-meaning friends and family often think they know more than they do. But whose shoulders do we cry on during the emotional roller-coaster of a failing marriage? And who is going to share their opinion with you when your tears soak into their sleeves? The truth is, ending a marriage is big life event that will affect your future and you really should seek the guidance of a professional who is well-versed in the subject of divorce.  

Divorce is usually complex and formidable and most should not go it alone. This is where a divorce coach can steer you away from the angst and chaos toward a path of confidence and order. A divorce coach will work with you in setting goals and providing procedural support where you make better decisions before filing, during the divorce and even after. They help you organize your paperwork and advice you on how to prepare for negotiations. A divorce coach can aid in managing your emotions to prevent your feelings from getting in the way of problem-solving. And they can even help you speak with your attorney, teach you how to talk with your children about the divorce, and guide you through the development of a parenting plan.

Now those on a budget (and who isn’t?) might look at the hiring of a divorce coach as just an added expense to an already high-cost course of action. Think of a divorce coach as an asset, someone who you can go to that keeps you from making mistakes which could have long-term consequences. And although their services are not free, divorce coaches can minimize the time you speak with your lawyer. Divorce coaching typically costs $ 100 to $ 200 per hour which is far less than the hourly attorney fee that can be several hundred dollars.  

The industry is unregulated and although some professionals receive special training, none is required. Divorce coaches usually come from several areas: psychotherapy, mediation, finance, law, and life coaching. You will want to research their background to assure that the level of knowledge and expertise fits your situation. When you find the right one you should have the feeling that somebody has your back, since a good divorce coach will be that special person who guides you successfully into the next phase of your life.